Real Estate Investment Reports.

If you are considering buying real estate in Spain, whether it is a primary residence for your family or an investment property, you need to research all the circumstances and variables that could be indispensable to evaluate your decisión and make the right choice for the right price.

In our research we offer you a report which includes:

1. Neighbourhood quality.

Residents know exactly what their neighbourhood is like. House-seekers, on the other hand, must find out for themselves about the intangible social quality of the area.

We include in our reports; Physical, Economic and Social aspects, environment and surrounding green spaces, education, culture, museums, transport, shops, employment rates, health care standards, as well as the levels of crime and the nearest police stations.

2. Market reports.

In order to know what is a good price for investing in a property we include a Real Estate Market Report, compairing similar properties located in the same neighbourhood or city where the property you want to buy is located.

3. Legal and Economic grounds.

In order to buy a property in Spain it is very important to be informed about the legal situation. In our reports we check two important documents; the “cedula urbanística” at the own Hall and a “nota simple” at the Property Regisrar’s Office. These documents will allow you to invest safely knowing that the property is not in an irregular situation or that it will be demolished by the council.

4. Pre-purchase and Pre-sale inspections.

When we visit a property we make sure there is no structural, roof or wall damage, the certifícate is made and signed by an Arquitecto Técnico (Technical Surveyor) and checked with the Quality Control department at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos Técnicos e Ingenieros de Edificación de Madrid. These two are the official departments of Architects, Technicians and Engineers in construction work.

We don´t offer properties, nor do we get involved in negotiations with owners or developers. We offer independent reports to our clients in order to advise them to succeed in their investments.



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